Propranolol tablet

Propranolol tablet

Propranolol tablet

Propranolol tablet is a given substance — a substance , in which case there is a product that performs the blocking of the adrenergic receptor . Someone shows antianginal, antiarrhythmic, and also hypotensive effect .


The drug, due to its own result , makes it possible to reduce as well as the power , thus the frequency of mental decreases , and also to reduce value of spiritual release and contractile ability of the myocardium.


All this is authorized to be a source for this , what need myocardial oxygen significant manner decreases . In addition , if there was a sinus increase , in this case , clearly manifested rhythm standardization can be traced .

Propranolol tablet

Also the product is capable of increasing uterine decreases andto reduce blood flow as well as the presence of families , thus and in the period , directly , of the postoperative stage .


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  1. Guidelines according to the application
  2. Secondary actions
  3. Communication with other drugs
  4. Storage requirements and terms
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Propranolol tablet

Of other results, it is possible highlight the reduction in intraocular pressure and decrease the secretion of liquid moisture .


The drug is a pretty instantly is absorbed presence reception inside , and moreover immediately injected with the organism. The product in the absence of difficulty gets through a viviparous obstacle . Its maximum concentration in plasma is accomplished through time — one and a half. after the reception stage .

  1. Manual according to the application


Consequences of high pressure – this loss of various organizations (heart, brain, kidney, blood vessel , ophthalmic bottom ). In the most late stages, coordination is disrupted , impotence arises in the arms and legs, vision is aggravated , and significantly lower. memory and mental abilities , is able to be triggered by a brain hemorrhage . To not finalize until complications and actions , may be involved in the project in accordance with the war with hypertension and begin to apply … to read further

Propranolol tablet – productive Betka adrenoblokator

dosage establishes a doctor in person in connection withdiagnosis. This product is

Propranolol tablet

taken only inside , the period of its reception is not at all tied to the period of reception of food . At senior receptions, it is about twentieth mg according to 3 to 4 times in a period . If transportability is considered optimal , and the result is unsatisfactory , in this case, a portion increases with time . Beloved can increase in FORTY -80 mg per day , but at intervals of 3 to 4 days.

As a result, the highest daily ration in individual embodiments is able to achieve 640 mg, but usually this all in fact 320-480 mg per day . If should the implementation of incentive hereditary works , the product is obtained in the volume of twentieth mg any 30 minutes. up to 6 once per period .

To implement the prevention of postnatal complications, the reception of such a portion of the substance is performed three times a day .


In some uncharacteristic moments, the product can be injected intravenously in a particular injective figure .The presence of angina attacks is used in order to relieve the pathologies of mental rhythm that have appeared . Cardiac dyspnea – this position sudden failure left-hand branch of the heart, which is characterized by attacks of breathlessness, suffocation. Disassemble detail about symptoms and treatment further : How to recognize mental asthma? The main methods of treatment

Propranolol tablet

Release form and composition of the

drug will emit mostly in the pills, according to the forty- mg pills reside in blisters, either in accordance with TEN units in the same package remains 5 blisters. There are other , most unique pieces of release, for example , injective .

The active element is considered Propranolol tablet.

Useful properties of

Propranolol tablet – productive beta-adrenergic blocker

The drug is often determined by the presence of different types of arrhythmias .


There is a full multiple environments , if the use of this substance is able to have a positive result . In the moments of a product capable of or eliminate the difficulties , or reduce their symptoms by improving one position of the person .


For questions ,the presence of which Propranolol tablet is extremely effective , are ranked as follows:

  • arterial hypertension;
  • arrhythmias of different types ;
  • myocardial dystrophy;
  • cardiomyopathy;
  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • dystonia neurocirculatory species ;
  • weakness of hereditary work ;
  • abstinent disgenitalizm .

Also, the product can be used for the effective prevention of migraine, but not for the purpose of cure , if the difficulty previously expressed .


  1. Secondary actions

In the line of settings, the product is capable of provoking secondary influences . As a rule , they are considered to be rather loosely , and after stop taking the substance in due course come to no , but all because you need to be careful .


Propranolol tablet – productive Betka adrenoblokator

weakness – only with probable minor results .


When each of them appears , it is necessary to resort to a doctor and, it is permissible , to correct the dose of the substance being taken . These include : dizziness; weakness; dyspepsia; skin irritation ; peripheral arterial spasm; AV isolation ; bradycardia; hearty


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