Propranolol over the counter

Propranolol over the counter

Propranolol over the counter

Propranolol over the counter is considered to be a beta-blocker of indiscriminate exposure . Use the presence of mentally -sosudistіh diseases .

Indications and Dose :

Arterial hypertension; effort

  • angina , unstable disease ; sinus increased (including the presence of hyperthyroidism); supraventricular increase , tachysystolic model of atrial radiance ;
  • supraventricular and ventricular arrhythmia ;
  • essential jitter ;
  • migraine prophylaxis;
  • alcoholic abstinence ( agitation and tremor );
  • anxiety;
  • pheochromocytoma ( adjunctive therapy );
  • diffuse toxic disease and thyrotoxic exacerbation (in the property of additional resources , including the presence of intolerance to thyreostatic substances );

sympathoadrenal crises in the background of diencephalic syndrome.

Assign Propranolol over the counter inwardly ( regardless of a period of the process scribble ). As a rule, they start at the senior level with a dose of twentieth mg (0.02 g) 3-4 times per period . The presence of the missing result and optimal tolerability over time increase the dose in FORTY -80 mg per day (at intervals of 3-4 days) up to a total dose of 320-480 mg per day (insingle variants up to 640 mg) with the direction in equal portions in 3-4 ways . Cancellation of a substance is made with time . As a rule, Propranolol over the counter is used continuously ( near painstaking medical control ). In patients with pheochromocytoma (adrenal gland tumor), it is necessary to use a plant adrenoblockers in advance and at the same time with Propranolol over the counter . Hypotensive (reducing arterial effect ) effect of Propranolol over the counter increases the presence of its combination with hydrochlorothiazide, reserpine, apressinom and other antihypertensive agents . There is information about the use of the presence of hypertensive disease ( typical severity and the presence of serious changes ) Propranolol over the counter in combination with alpha-adrenoblocker phentolamine.


With an overdose of Propranolol over the counter (and other beta-blockers) anddurable bradycardia will include an intravenous ( long ) mixture of atropine 1-2 mg and a beta- adrenostimulator medication of TWENTY-FIVE mg or ortsiprenalin 0.5 mg.

Side effects :

When used, secondary actions are possible in the form of : nausea, nausea , diarrhea (diarrhea); bradycardia ( infrequent pulse); general impotence , dizziness; sometimes traced allergic

interactions ( dermatological irritation );

bronchospasm ( restriction lumen.bronkhov).

Possible effects of depression ( depression ). In conjunction with the war beta2-adrenergic receptors of the peripheral blood vessel , Raynaud syndrome can be formed ( limitation of the blood vessel of the extremities).


The drug is contraindicated in patients :

  • with sinus bradycardia, incomplete or absoluteatrioventricular war ( pathology execution excitement according kolpachaschey concept heart)
  • when manifested possibility – and left ventricular mental failure,
  • bronchial asthma and predisposition to bronchospasm,
  • diabetes with ketoacidosis (acidification with – due to excessive finding a monthly ketone bodies),
  • pregnancy,
  • disorders of peripheral arterial blood flow.

It is undesirable to install Propranolol over the counter convulsive cracking presence (inflammation of the complete viscera , characterized by its sudden decrease ). Mindfulness requires the presence of the simultaneous use of hypoglycemic (lowering the degree of glucose in menstruation ) money (the threat of hypoglycemia / decrease in the degree of glucose in menstruation further normal). In patients sweet diabetes therapy is required to laid about controlling the location of glucose in menstruation .

Propranolol over the counter

Interaction with other medicines and alcohol :

When used synchronously with hypoglycemic tools, there is a threat of hypoglycemia formation due to the result of an increase in the effect of hypoglycemic money . With synchronous use with MAO inhibitors, there is the possibility of the formation of unnecessary

manifestations of therapeutic interaction.

The episodes of the development of manifested bradycardia are described; the presence of using Propranolol over the counter according to the pretext of arrhythmia generated by digitalis substances .

With simultaneous use with instruments for the purpose of inhalation anesthesia , the threat of suppression of myocardial function and the formation of arterial hypotension increases .

With synchronized use with amiodarone, probablehypotension, disease , fibrillation ventricular asystole.

With simultaneous use of Propranolol over the counter can inhibit the results of glibenclamide, glyburide, chlorpropamide, tolbutamide, because non-selective beta2-blockers are ready to block

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